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Joe: Behind The Music

International songwriter, record producer and singing sensation, Joe Thomas, known to the world a Joe is the definition of R&B. The muso is one of the best examples of musical longevity with a career that spans over two decades and 12 albums. As a result, Billboard listed Joe 48th on its list of the Top 50 R&B and Hip Hop Artists of the past 25 years.

One cannot mention classic R&B hits without thinking of Joe and his smooth sultry voice, along with his string of hits – “All That I Am,” “I Wanna Know,” and “No One Comes Close” – which sealed Joe’s reputation in the 2000s as an R&B superstar. Not forgetting the seven-time Grammy nominee’s memorable collaborations with Mariah Carey “Thank God I Found You”, Big Pun “Still Not a Player” and G-Unit “Wanna Get to Know You” further underscoring his musical versatility.

The multi-Grammy nominated melodist has been curing broken hearts, saving relationships and providing the airways with certified baby-making songs since 1993.

So what’s the meaning behind the muso’s lyrics? Joe, says at 45-years-old he’s learned a lot about love, sex and relationships over the years and prides himself on giving advice so others won’t make the same mistakes.

In an interview with Blackdoctor Joe said; “When it comes to anything at all, there has to be a balance, Love and sex included. There’s always a good and a bad side to everything. It comes down to choices because that’s what dictates everything: Choices. Every day that I wake up, it’s about choices. I try to have constant and continual learning moments, in every arena of life. “He went on to say;” You go all in on both levels when it comes to that. It goes back to choices and moments–when it’s more than sex when there’s love, there’s a commitment with your partner and understanding what that commitment entails, then making conscious decisions, moment by moment, to live that.”

So what’s next for the R&B superstar? The multi-award nominee and ASCAP Award recipient says “I’d love to be remembered in the same league as a Marvin Gaye, and I’ve got time. That’s the beauty of R&B. It’s a classy genre — and class always lasts.”

You can catch Joe on the Macufe Indoor Jazz stage on 11th October 2018. Tickets are going fast! Get yours at Computicket or a Shoprite near you!

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