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Legendary Jazz Musician releases his 67th Album

Legendary jazz musician Oliver Mtukudzi has released his 67th album, Hany’Ga (Concern)

The album comes from a realisation Mtukudzi had in 2017. The creator of the musical genre Tuku Music says “ I wrote this album last year after I realised that the world keeps getting tangled up in ‘unnecessary’ problems. All because we are focused on competing and being better than the next person. In so doing we keep stepping on each other’s toes but that is not how God created us. God meant for us to compliment each other, that’s why he didn’t duplicate talent.”

When asked about how he created the Tuku Music the world-renowned artist who has been a force in the music industry for the past 43-years, says he learnt to play the guitar and began experimenting with the strings.  “Professional guitarists laughed at my experiments, but my unwavering faith and self-discipline around what new musical sounds I knew could create were a blessing in disguise”. Through this experimentation, he went on to create what the world now knows as Tuku Music.

This deeply gifted musical legend with his gutsy voice and hard-hitting lyrics that reflect on the daily life and struggles of the people will be performing on the Macufe Main Stage on October 13. His performances of his new and his classics promise to deliver life lessons and ad Oliver sound that we’ve all grown to love.


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