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Nathi Mankanyi Talks Creating Happy Music

If you are a Nathi Mankayi fan you have come to love him for his mellow and somewhat morose sound. However, in his new 2018 album, Iphupha Labantu the Multi-award winning artist is no longer focused on bringing pain to life with his lyrics but is taking on an uncharacteristically happier tone with music focused on gratitude and love.

“People have gotten used to me singing mellow and sad songs a lot. But in this album, there’s that thing that says ‘stand up and dance or just be grateful and enjoy life.’ It is much more audible in this offering. It is a reflection of where I am. It is a great album.” He told TshisaLive.

Placing emphasis on the fact that his new sound is attributed to finding the love of his life and becoming a Father, he went on to say; “In 2015 I was singing about looking for Nomvula. I was looking for someone to love but not anymore. Now I have found my Nomvula. I am not singing about wanting someone, instead, I am singing love songs to that someone I have since found.”

Nathi, who is loved for his innate ability to wear his heart on his sleeve and sharing his true self through his music is presenting a more mature sound with his third studio album. In true Nathi style, his music and lyrics still manage to do one thing, and that is his gift of being completely relatable.

You can catch this talented, multi-award winning act at the Macufe Main Festival on the 13th October 2018.

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