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Trevor Gumbi Adds Serious Actor To His CV

When the name Trevor Gumbi is mentioned, one automatically thinks of stand up comedy sets filled with tears and uncontrollable laughter. Well, this September Trevor has proven that he is more than just a comedic figure by getting in touch with his more serious side in the new proudly South African film “Looking for Love” with leading lady, fellow comedienne, Celeste Ntuli.

The film follows 38-year-old Buyi (Celeste Ntuli) who is on a desperate search for love out of fear of becoming a spinster in her 40s. The film, currently showing at Nu Metro cinemas nationwide has already received praise. What’s contributed to this? Besides the brilliant acting, the film is being hailed for its use of actors who are a true representation of what South Africans look like, and how it tackles the pressures black women face in around relationships and dating.

Greg (Trevor Gumbi), a classmate who reunites with Buyi in the film will pull at your heartstrings. He’s the man who’s always loved her for who she is, but she’s too blind to see consumed by her need to find “Mr Right.” It’s interesting to watch Gumbi take on such a wonderfully soft character, while also taking in the events that take place while Ntuli goes from one dating adventure to the next with her best friend Lindi (Phindile Gwala). The movie is hilarious, and in the midst of all that humour, there is an incredibly raw and relatable vulnerability portrayed by Ntuli and Gumbi.

When Ntuli was asked about how she felt about working with Trevor Gumbi she told IOL; “ It was a notable experience: I hadn’t worked with Trevor outside of the stand-up comedy stuff. But acting with him. It was great to see him transform from the comedian I know to really taking on this character. I was impressed, I was in awe, I really learned a lot.”


Check out the talented Trevor Gumbi on the Macufe Comedy Stage on 10th October 2018.

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