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Vusi Nova Calls Out Industry Fakes

Multi award-winning singer Vusi Nova has just released his third album titled Manyan-Nyan. The release comes hot on the heels of his triple platinum award-winning album Naninina.

The muso told Trending SA that he is using parts of the album to put the fakeness in the industry on blast. How? By collaborating with a significant number of artists on his new album, in the hopes of beating fakeness in the industry with unity.

“I feel there is so much fakeness that happens in this industry. I’m not sure if it’s a black thing but people don’t like to see another black person succeed or go somewhere. They like to pull each other down. So this time around I just decided to get a couple of friends (together) and I think in a way I was trying to show unity among artists. This is why I decided to have five collabs in the album which include Zahara, Ntando, Kelly Khumalo, Jessica Mpangeni and more.” He told the Trending SA panel.

He already has a hit on his hands with his collaboration with Zahara – Usezondibona, which Vusi Nova dedicates to all the haters.

The album doesn’t only address industry hate. It takes an in-depth look at love, heartbreak, breakups and so much more.

Catch this hitmaker on the Macufe Main Festival on the 13th October 2018.

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